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Our Story

Modestman Brewing is the brain-child of Ash Sheehan, owner/operator and Ben Williams, head brewer/partner. Together, they continue to grow the brewery over their united belief that brewing beer and the communal experience of shared pints, must be intentional and reflective of where our passions lie; reverence and respect to the industry and ultimately the beer.

About the Beer

What intrigues Modestman almost as much as whatever is brewing currently, is the nuanced personalities and intensities behind the product. Modestman’s head brewer, Ben Williams, has a deep understanding of traditional beer styles. Modestman sources only the finest ingredients possible for our beers. The high quality and attention to detail make way for exceptional world-class beer.


"We work within the trends of the industry without compromising our identity and integrity. We appreciate European style brewing and respect Old World traditions."

- Ash Sheehan

Modestman aims to put New Hampshire on the map for superior New England style beers with the goal to elevate the classic American brewpub, showcasing a deep respect for the beer and intentionality to the culture it celebrates!



Our Tasting Room and brewery are renovated from a former bank that occupied the location for 58 years. People love to ask us what we did with the vault… well you will never know, the secret is safe with us!  

Although we are known for our New England style IPA’s (NEIPA), as a downtown-local drinkery, we enjoy making all styles while applying the same attention to detail as we do in our IPA’s.

Modestman has its own food truck, Guru, serving modern pub food.  Guests are welcome to bring their own food as well or try out our sister restaurant, Odelay, just up from us on Main St.

During our patio season, yes. Unfortunately, The NH health code does NOT allow dogs in the Tasting Room.

Absolutely- we are an NH nano-brewery, all ages are welcome.


We fill our CLEANED 32 oz growlers, CLEANED unmarked stainless or CLEANED brown glass growlers. We cannot fill other breweries growlers.

Our license, NH NANO only allows us to sell beer and ONLY the beer that we make.